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With many transport operators looking to maximise the versatility of their equipment, Panus Semi-Trailers and Magnum Australia have combined their resources to develop the “Panum” Semi-Trailer, a multi-purpose, fully fitted and ready to work Semi-Trailer package. Promoting it 3 versatile trailers in 1, the “Panum” model incorporates a Panus Flat Top Semi-Trailer along with a … Continue reading

PANUS Semi-Trailers has launched its new website and Facebook page as part of the Company’s ongoing marketing strategy to strengthen its position in Australia and to provide customers with one-touch, easy access to timely information related to the brand and it’s growing range of trailer models. The user-friendly website, which has also been optimised for … Continue reading

When Graeme and Wendy Evans from Evans Transport required a Logging Trailer in a real hurry for a new plantation contract, they turned to the nimble team of Panus Semi-Trailers who quickly assembled a team to design and deliver a sure-fire solution on time and on budget! The contract that Graeme received incorporates the short-haul … Continue reading

Kennedy Trailers is pleased to announce their partnership with Panus Semi-Trailers. The two brands will be working together to develop and distribute transport solutions for both the specialised and general freight transport sectors. Kennedy Trailers has a long history in the provision of high-quality transport equipment for the resources and logging markets, and see this … Continue reading

The relationship between OEM and Transport Company often extends beyond the cliché of buyer and seller. And whilst relatively new to the Australian market, Panus Oceania is making friends fast in the transport industry, especially through its support of community fund-raising events. On Saturday the 28th of March, the young Company was proud to be … Continue reading

Despite a somewhat murky economic outlook, Australia is envied around the world for an exceptionally vibrant transport equipment scene that has been pushing the innovation bar time and again. Now a new brand is taking the notion of continuous improvement to heart – Panus Oceania.   In hindsight, the announcement didn’t come unexpected. In mid-August, … Continue reading

The Trailer Concierge

Importing a new trailer into Australia is a complex process, especially with the amount of time, documentation, certification and preparation involved. That’s why businesses like Thailand’s Panus Assembly defer to PLM Global Management, a company that can handle all those processes every step of the way.   In the commercial transport industry, shipping trailers from … Continue reading

Well-known industry stalwart, Rod Cunningham, has been named Chief Executive Officer of Panus Oceania, the newly established Australian arm of Thailand’s largest trailer OEM, Panus Assembly. Cunningham will also be joined by Jozef Horvat, who has been appointed the role as National Sales and Marketing Manager at Panus Oceania. Cunningham told CRTNews, “I’ve kept a … Continue reading