Panus Semi-Trailers and Magnum Australia Introduce the PANUM

With many transport operators looking to maximise the versatility of their equipment, Panus Semi-Trailers and Magnum Australia have combined their resources to develop the “Panum” Semi-Trailer, a multi-purpose, fully fitted and ready to work Semi-Trailer package.

Promoting it 3 versatile trailers in 1, the “Panum” model incorporates a Panus Flat Top Semi-Trailer along with a specially developed 20,000 litre water tank that is custom manufactured by Magnum Australia.

Targeting industry sectors such as farmers, mining, local councils and road construction, the Panum is available in a multiple specification variations and will allow operators to cart and distribute water to minefields, road construction areas and allow farmers and regional councils to keep valuable reserves of water for crops and fire-risk areas.

Manufactured using HD Polyethylene, the water tank complies with Australian Standards for safety and uses a Safety Ball Baffle system that arrests the wave action normally associated with liquid in motion. The tank utilises a RF controlled portable switch kit that controls the operation of Magnum spray valves.

The tanks are also mounted via two individual frames which means the tanks can be separated if required.

When the engineer approved tanks are not in use, they can be easily demounted and the trailer used for general freight purposes as well as carry containers to the wharf courtesy of the 3-way container pins.

Stock is available right now through all Panus Semi-Trailers dealers and Magnum Australia.  Please contact Joe Horvat on 0429 936 156 for further details or click here to view the flyer.

Image - Trailer Image2